What’s happening now?

We are extending the initial Praxify Mira Pilot (2017 edition) as a bridge until launch of new and improved version fall 2018. This Praxify Mira pilot extension is available to original pilot users only, but join waiting list to get onboarded as soon as possible here:

Click here to give feedback or request the app

Background on Praxify roll-out at Baystate Health

  • This project is focused on the significant problem of EMR fatigue and physician burn-out. As such, it is one of many sub-projects to the larger EHRo (EHR optimization) initiative and Ambulatory IT Optimization.
  • Praxify is an iOS (Apple) mobile app. It provides a better, faster user interface to consume data out of CIS, or take certain actions (notes, some orders, etc). It’s a ‘skin’ on CIS; CIS remains single-source-of-truth.
  • Praxify will be rolled out as an optional tool available to those who find it useful. It is intuitive and training generally not needed, but we will offer help to learn key tricks you can do in the app.
  • TechSpring Discovery project in 2016 created solid engagement with a broad group of physicians who gave feedback on the solution, and a technical proof of concept followed by a production pilot among 80 physicians in 2017 further proved the physician success.
  • We have now re-launched the 2017 pilot to allow continued use by early adopters and facilitate demos (Pilot Extension). This will be replaced by a new upgraded version, and full production roll-out, once technical setup and testing is complete.  

If you are an interested user, read this ...

  • Use of Praxify is optional for MDs or APs (with a CIS login) that find it helpful. Device costs, repairs, data-plans, etc are not reimbursed or financially supported by Baystate.
  • Users may encounter wifi problems around Baystate locations. Chronic, significant problem-locations can be reported here. There is a 3-year plan to make network upgrades which gradually should improve conditions.
  • Use of Praxify requires deployment of security software to your mobile device which allows Baystate I&T to remotely manage your device, e.g. if it is lost.
  • If passcode to your Apple device today is only 4-digits, the security software will ask you to create a new 6-digit code
  • Physicians are finding Praxify useful for subset of EMR use across most specialities and practices, ambulatory and acute. 
  • If our user reporting shows us that you have not used the app for an extended period of time, we may ask your agreement to un-install, freeing up your license for another to use.
  • If your device is lost or stolen, please notify us on this page.

If you are a Praxify user ...

  • Once deployed remotely, the Praxify Mira will magically appear on your device
  • At the same time, we are also pushing out Cortext and Baystate Mobile App store, if you don't already have these on your device. Check out the Baystate Mobile App Store for multiple other useful Baystate developed or endorsed mobile apps.
  • We also push out a shortcut to "Praxify Feedback"; use this icon any time you have questions or feedback regarding your Praxify use.
  • If you don't already use fingerprint or facial recognition to access your device, set it up in iPhone/iPad settings to make it faster to get into CIS.


Q: Why are we not using Cerner’s mobile apps?
A: We are always looking for the best tools for our users. We have 50+ users of Cerner’s FetaLink mobile app. We continue to consider features & costs of Cerner’s PowerChart Touch mobile app, and are hoping to find budget support, at least for a pilot.

Q: Is Praxify available for other devices than Apple iOS (iPhone or iPad)? 
A: No. This may come in the future, but no plans have been announced


If instructed, use these instructions re. Baystate security software on your personal iPad or iPhone ...

Find the Airwatch MDM Agent app on your iPad or iPhone. App name is "Agent"; blue icon with shield illustration. If you can't find it, browse to which will re-direct you to download from Apple App Store. Start the app 

  1. IF you are presented with 3 buttons to enroll device, choose "Email address" and enter your Baystate email
    1. If your device has already been enrolled (no three buttons, but opening to main screen), tap right of where it says "Device Enrolled" to get to Status screen
    2. Tap "Device Enrolled" option
    3. Click button on the bottom that says "Re-enroll device" - this will take you to the three enroll buttons, choose "Email address".
  2. Complete enrollment process, there are a bunch of OK buttons, an AirWatch Agent app-specific pin to select, etc.
    1. When asked, choose "Corporate - Dedicated" as Device Ownership
    2. Enter your first and last name as "Asset number"
    3. Username + password is your standard Baystate EN + password
    4. The process may also force that you create a NEW main pin for your device and force you to use 6 digits.
  3. Once you have “Agent” app on your device and it’s connected to Baystate Health I&T (“enrolled”), email the serial number of your device to You can copy & Paste from Settings -> General -> About -> Serial Number
  4. Baystate I&T will push the app remotely directly to your device. This last step may take up to 3 work-days.
  5. Once you have the app, open it and use your standard CIS login