At the Intersection of Healthcare and Technology


We are so pleased to have launched TechSpring, the technology innovation center of Baystate Health. TechSpring sits squarely at the intersection between healthcare delivery and innovative technology. By bringing together innovators with providers of healthcare, we will unleash the creative minds on both sides to solve problems.

Healthcare is undergoing massive transformation today, and, at its core, healthcare delivery is changing very quickly. Health systems, payers, and providers are now in the midst of transforming the model of care so that the healthcare system is of higher quality, more efficient and more patient-centered. There is a need to better manage patients through more integrated models of delivery and there is a need to better engage patients in their health. 

Here at Baystate Health we have been investing in transformative ways to improve healthcare delivery. We see that the success of our delivery system is dependent on our ability to provide high value healthcare to our community. We have begun to look for ways to improve the patient experience, further improve the health of our patients, and lower the overall costs of care. Through new models of care, we are laying the foundation to transform medical care, yet we need to pick up the pace.

Evan Benjaming at the TechSpring launch event.jpgInnovative technologies are required to help facilitate the achievement of these goals. Information technology has the opportunity to help the healthcare industry manage the massive amounts of data and help to turn the data into useful information to improve health and healthcare.  New technological innovations have the opportunity to better educate and engage patients in their health.

TechSpring offers tremendous opportunity to engage with public and private innovators to focus on healthcare delivery improvement. Our providers know healthcare but don't have the time to think about technological solutions.

Likewise IT innovators know technology, but must better see the needs of the changing delivery system.  By bringing together innovators with providers of healthcare, we will unleash the creative minds on both sides to solve problems. 

Join us at one of our upcoming events. Contact the staff with your needs and ideas. I would like to invite all of you - innovators, providers, payers - to join us at TechSpring to help improve healthcare for patients here in Western Massachusetts and throughout the country.