Bringing Medical Businesses & Technologies Together

NextLevel.Healthcare is a new company that is dedicated to providing software solutions with superior interface design and user experiences. Our first product is a dashboard product that provides a way to bring multiple pieces of software together in one place and then further aggregates only the data that is needed on a daily basis for a particular caregiver or admin. This information is displayed in a manner that is optimized for the workflow of different types of users, based on specialty and type of business.

We love TechSpring! It is a great place to meet with like minded people. We have already created some important relationships and connected with the right kind of people like doctors, admins and back-end coders who we can work with and collaborate with in order to maximize the usability and viability of our software.

Connect with me if you are interested in becoming an active member of TechSpring's innovation community or would like to find out more about TechSpring programs.

Email me to connect at: [email protected]