Make your cell phone calls appear as if they're originating from Baystate


The Doximity app provides a way for you to call patients using your cell phone, while displaying your office number. This app is supported by an external vendor directly (Doximity) and not Baystate I&T. It’s your personal choice whether you use it. All Baystate’s policies for patient communication and protection of patient information still apply. At this point, we do not believe teleheath, texting or faxing features also included in the app, are compliant with Baystate policy. Please use AmericanWell for all telehealth. Recommended use of Doximity is only for placing phone calls where a change in Caller ID is needed.

Baystate employees: information about Doximity is available on the I&T Training Site for Remote Work Tools on the COVID-19 Information Page on The Hub.

If you have questions, comments or see need for one-way texting or faxing feature, please email: [email protected]


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What is Doximity?  

The Doximity app gives you 3 convenient ways to reach your patients from your cell phone, without sharing your private number.

Caller ID

Use Doximity Dialer to directly communicate with your patients on the phone. Choose the number your patients see when you make a call.

One Way Texting

If you're short on time, the One Way Texting option allows you to send a text message to your patient's cell phone while still protecting your private cell phone number. 

Straight to Voicemail

Straight to Voicemail allows you to leave a message with callback number for follow-up questions.


How to make a call



What you need to know

The app is now available to MDs, DOs, NPs, PharmDs, PAs, Nurses, Medical Assistants and Social Workers. 

You need to get verified by Doximity  

  • The app requires you to fill in personal information and answer security question.
  • If you answer the security questions correctly and can provide an email associated with a medical domain, then you will be verified immediately.
  • If not, Doximity will request further verification. It should be sent to Doximity's support department at [email protected].
  • Verification can come from an email from a medical domain or either a photo of your medical ID or medical license.
  • Once submitted, your status will be updated within 2 business days.

How to make a call

  • Once you have logged into Doximity, choose the number you'd like to display on your patient's Caller ID.
  • Dial your patient's phone number.
  • When you call a patient you may see the phone number (415) 449 8801 on your screen. Don't worry, this number is to the Doximity headquarters.
  • Your patient sees the number you chose as the incoming Caller ID, and your number stays private.

Doximity's Medical Network         

  • Doximity's app also allows you to keep up to date on news and research in your specific field.      
  • You can find and contact any U.S. physician, nurse practitioner, PA or pharmacist in seconds.     


                     Click here for Doximity's FAQ.