Christian Lagier

Managing Director, TechSpring Co-Founder

Christian was named the founding Managing Director of TechSpring in October 2013, joining the core team of Joel Vengco and Even Benjamin in developing TechSpring from vision to reality. He oversees all activities of the center today and continues to pursue an ambitious vision of healthcare innovation acceleration. Every day, he focuses on thinking big, envisioning success and getting things done.

Christian has a background in entrepreneurship, business operations, and strategic business development having worked for startups and high growth companies in Silicon Valley, Paris and Copenhagen.

After starting out as a management consultant in Fortune 500 companies, he has worked for early stage companies through successful venture funding or public offering such as Proxicom, Memolane, Vivino, and Opbeat. He is a Danish and French national and holds a MSc in Economics and Business Administration, with a specialization in Management of Technology and learning organizations.