Client Results

9:52 pm: Lauren Wheeler, PA Surgery
Baystate Health, Springfield MA

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Validated user interface design and implemented early version of advanced clinical decision support solution presenting contextual information as an intrinsic part of the physician EMR workflow.


Established a reliable, authentic, non-production test platform for innovation projects. Continuing to add value to this platform with specific projects including care coordination, HIE analytics, FHIR interoperability sandbox and e-Referrals solution development.


With broad stakeholder engagement including patients, studied the adoption of a care management solution implemented by TechSpring in two medical practices. This informed their go-to-market approach, as well as Baystate’s re-engineering of care delivery.


Exploratory projects including broad range of stakeholders, e.g. remote patient monitoring, eVisits and predictive pop health analytics. Executive strategic roadmapping and innovation value analysis.


Facilitated solution proof points to capture lost billing opportunities (with less resources), improved point of care documentation, operationalizing an ontology-based natural language processing solution.


Established a continuous feedback process, now integral to the development of new solutions at Imprivata. Multi-year track record executing innovation projects, e.g. related to e-prescribing of controlled substances, real-time alerts, secure texting and patient registration.


Helped shape post-acute transition tool by deeply engaging Baystate staff and patients in the platform development and beta use.


Ideation, concept development, focus groups, beta testing and production iteration e.g. for mobile app empowering the patient care circle.


Co-developed a web-based application that improves the billing cycle, creates cost visibility and tracks medical device usage in the OR for a paperless era.


Facilitated the development of a web-based front end to ACGME case logging. This gave residents streamlined access to surgical case logging, relevant educational materials, and aggregate data for program admins.


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