How do I reserve a conference room or phone booth?


Conference Room Use

Our conference rooms offer members the opportunity to conduct meetings and conference calls in a private, professional setting. All conference rooms come equipped with a table, chairs, whiteboard, and often a flat screen monitor.

To use a conference room you must reserve it - either online or on the iPad on the door; even if you walk up to it and it is otherwise vacant. 

TechSpring members or a TechSpring Business Group can use the conference rooms for up to 24 hours a month. If you need to use a conference room more than that, you are encouraged to speak to TechSpring staff about options.

Please do not use the conference rooms for your individual phone calls; instead use a phone booth or find a place to talk where you will not disturb others. This will allow the rooms to be available for larger meetings.

Conference rooms are freely available until 5:00pm.  To reserve a room after business hours, see Events and After Hour Meetings below. 

 How to Reserve Rooms

To reserve a phone booth go to

You may reserve a conference room for immediate use by using the touch screen in front of each room. To make advance bookings go to

Please fill out the purpose field with as much information as possible. This enables us to direct guests to the appropriate room. For example, the room might display the following:

"Company Name / Host Name / Presentation X"

It is possible to access TechSpring’s conference room reservation system from anywhere on the internet.

A couple of notes on using the system:

  • A "check-in" feature will ask you to "check in" to your meeting when you arrive at the room by pressing a button on the Roomzilla iPad outside the room. If you fail to "check in" an email reminder will be sent to you 15 minutes after the meeting start time.

  • If you finish using the room early, please press “End” on the screen to free up the room for another user.

  • The system will remind you of your meeting 1 hour beforehand.

  • Please cancel a reservation if you are not able to keep it.

  • If a conference room shows as available (green screen marked "available until _____" when you come up to it, you may reserve the room. If the room is occupied by someone who has not made a reservation, you may knock lightly on the door and alert them that you have made a reservation.

Important Note: Abandoned reservations may be deleted by TechSpring team members.

Event space is available for rental by the hour or by the day. Our space is perfect for speakers series, hackathons, or off-site meetings. If you are interested in reserving a space for an event please email a TechSpring host at

 Events and After Hour Meetings

Hosting more than ten guests at a time is considered an “event”

For members with 24/7 access, rooms are available until 8:00pm on business days. Outside of those hours, please email a TechSpring host at

For events held outside of business hours, member host may be asked to provide a guest list to TechSpring staff who will share the list with building security staff.