How do I reserve a conference room or phone booth?


Conference Room Use

Our conference rooms offer members the opportunity to conduct meetings in a private, professional setting. All conference rooms come equipped with a table, chairs, whiteboards, and often a flat screen monitor.

To use a conference room you must reserve it by visiting  The two large flex space areas, aka: the "Living Room" and "Study Hall" must be reserved through the Innovation Host.  

TechSpring members can use private conference rooms for up to 24 hours a month. If you need to use a conference room more than that, please discuss private office rentals with the Innovation Host.

Please do not use the conference rooms for your individual phone calls!   Instead use a phone booth or find a place to talk where you will not disturb others. This will allow the rooms to be available for larger meetings.

Conference rooms are available until 5:00pm.  To reserve a room after business hours, see "Events and After Hour Meetings" below. 

 How to Reserve Rooms

You may reserve a conference room for immediate use by using the touch screen in front of each room. To make advance bookings go to

Please fill out the purpose field with as much information as possible. This enables us to direct your guests to the appropriate room. 

Important Note: Abandoned reservations may be deleted by TechSpring team members.

Event space is available for rental by the hour, half day, full day, evenings and weekends. Our space is perfect for speakers series, hackathons, or off-site meeting, trainings and retreats. If you are interested in reserving our space for an event please email the Innovation Host at [email protected].

 Events and After Hour Meetings

Hosting more than ten guests at a time is considered an “event”.   If you have an event planned with ten or more guests, please communicate with the Innovation Host. 

Resident members have access to the our space 24/7 but the same 'ten or more" rule applies.  If you plan to have any type of gathering/meeting/event in the evening, please communicate directly with the Innovation Host.