Coworking at TechSpring


There is much to be gained from sharing office space with great minds that are striving to make a difference in a particular field. Think of yourself in busy traffic, surrounded by healthcare workers and technologists, and how your chance for collisions, conversations, and collaboration will multiply. Now imagine yourself running into the many consultants, entrepreneurs, start-ups and technology superstars, like our sponsors, who weave through the intersections (i.e. halls) on a regular basis. This doesn’t just have to be your imagination, because it’s all happening at TechSpring, and you can be a part of it!

Here at TechSpring we are unique in that our resident members are focused on using and creating technology to improve healthcare. As an independent non-profit organization, we are working with newly founded start-ups as well as the top healthcare IT companies while collaboratively leveraging the assets of a model health system, Baystate Health, for innovation. The collisions are ongoing and proving to be invaluable. Don’t just believe us though, listen to the experiences from those already entrenched at TechSpring.    

The informal connection to Baystate and the TechSpring sponsors is great. We have made more connections than we could have expected. TechSpring especially works well for us as a frame around meetings and presentations, in addition to the day-to-day work

- Paul McOwen, CEO. Zato Health provides intelligent search and information extraction for healthcare combining natural language processing and medical ontology with the most advanced search software available.

"For a small but growing medical technology company like Bytespin, Techspring offers amazing access to a community of health professionals within a wide range of specialties. Through its proximity and more importantly, its relationship with this extended group (both locally and across Baystate's hospital family), Techspring provides a unique opportunity for us to develop solutions to the challenges in healthcare. Additionally, Techspring offers us a substantial part of the administrative and operating infrastructure that would normally be difficult for a startup to manage, so that we can focus our energies towards solving problems and delivering their solutions efficiently"

- Jeff Gelbard, CEO, Bytespin

There is certainly a co-work movement happening in Western, MA with spaces like BRICK Coworkshop in Holyoke, and Click Workspace in Northampton popping up. Coworking spaces that are focused on a particular industry, such as healthcare, have also popped up in other cities, such as MATTER in Chicago. Even though the idea itself is not new, we strongly believe in the advantages the model has to offer, which is why we are currently incubating CoWorkSpringfield. CoWorkSpringfield’s members are all working to make Springfield and Western, MA a better place to live and work, and we at TechSpring share this mission.

Coworking with people that have similar interests and serve similar customers is a great way to take your company to the next level. Just watch this video and then come join us!