Engage in Innovation: Help Local Startups


The innovation ecosystem is evolving in Springfield, and TechSpring, the Baystate Health Technology Innovation Center, is excited to be a part of it!   

TechSpring has partnered with Valley Venture Mentors (VVM) to create a formal healthcare venture acceleration program. With your help, wecan provide innovators with expertise, insights and connections that will help shape the future of medicine, all while developing the economy here in Springfield!

Meet three healthcare companies in VVM’s inaugural accelerator cohort! How will you contribute?!

Founder of EDENIS, Dr. Luis Daniel Munoz Jr. MD, uses a smartphone, imaging, and analytics to improve assessment of chronic wounds. If you are involved with wound care, help him by taking his quick wound care survey!

Co-founders of NuPlanit, Robert Jahreis and Alaina Adams, PhD, have launched a sophisticated smartphone-based solution helping patients with real-time behavior support for daily food decisions. At the other end of this app, Alaina and Robert are seeking dietitians and nutritionists, both in hospitals and private practice settings to be included in focus groups and pilots. Sign up here!

BeTH : Benevolent Technologies for Health reduces prosthetic care costs by reducing labor intensive fitting, fabrication, and adjustment procedures using a new remold-able material.  Founder and CEO, Jason Hill, is looking to connect with healthcare professionals who work in prosthetics.  

Meet the Innovators in Person

The VVM innovators, along with 100+ technologists and healthcare professionals have RSVP’d for the next 'Tap into TechSpring' open house event, February 12, 5-8+pm.  We are a vibrant innovation community of technologists and healthcare professionals working together to solve the very real challenges in healthcare today. We do this over food, beer and good cheer.  Why not introduce yourself in person?  If you are thinking about coming, please let us know!