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The time for VR is now. TechSpring is Baystate's digital technology innovation team. Baystate is leading healthcare into the next generation of digital medicine. Virtual Reality is the next step in the future of healthcare.

Cardboard Experiences

YouTube VR


A collection of fun and relaxing VR videos brought to you by Baystate.

Google Cardboard App


This is Google’s VR introduction app. It will help you set up your Cardboard and download new apps.

Google Street View


Explore world landmarks and discover natural wonders in VR's best travel experience.

Oculus Go Experiences

Forest of Serenity


Guided Relaxation


A Calm Place


How to set up your Cardboard VR

  • Open the top flap of the viewer.
  • Lift the flaps out and press them against the fasteners on the sides.
  • How to prepare your Cardboard VR for use

  • Open the app or video you want to watch in VR.
  • You can now put your phone inside the viewer, and then close the top flap.
  • You're now ready to get started

  • Before you look through the viewer, look at an object that’s far away.
  • Close your eyes as you bring the viewer up to your face.
  • Look around through the viewer and take in everything cardboard has to offer.
  • We recommend downloading the Google Cardboard app first. It will show you how most Cardboard apps will function.

YouTube VR instructions

  • Find the video you want to watch on your phone’s YouTube app.
  • Pause the video and press the settings button. The settings button in the 3 vertical dots in the top right of the video’s screen.
  • Press the “Watch in VR” option, then put your phone into your cardboard viewer.
  • Look out for the Cardboard VR image, which suggests a video can be watched in VR on YouTube.
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