HiMSS 2017

We've heard a lot of people from the TechSpring community are attending HiMSS 2017.

Let the community know you are going on this page.  

If you have any goals for the meeting, events to invite the TechSpring community to and/or ways to connect with you at the meeting list them here!

Don't forget to register for the Massachusetts Digital Health Meetup at HiMSS. 

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Amanda DiPietro, Lilly USA

Our mission is to help patients live longer, healthier, more active lives. My organization is attending HiMSS to learn, and connect with others. We are thinking innovatively about the way information about our medicines is delivered to Healthcare Organizations, Providers, and Patients. [email protected]

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Mike Arian Prophit Insight

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Christian Lagier, TechSpring at Baystate Health

Connect with existing and new sponsors of TechSpring, txt 4132008810

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Jill McCormick, TechSpring

I'll be at the Massachusetts Digital Health Meet-up on Tuesday and hope to see you there! My goal for HiMSS is to connect with you and meet other leaders with new product/solution development responsibilities for their company. Shoot me an email and we can exchange cell phone numbers. I love the power of our Techspring community!

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