How It Works

TechSpring Health collaborates with Innovation Partners and Transformation Partners to help bring new digital health solutions to market faster, more efficiently, and cost effectively. Essentially, we de-risk new ventures.

We focus on solutions that are designed to improve healthcare quality, increase access to care, and reduce healthcare costs. Several elements contribute to our ongoing success:

  • The Community
  • Our Partners' Digital Health Innovations
  • Authentic Healthcare Environment
  • TechSpring Programs
  • The TechSpring Platform


One of our goals is to bring technology and healthcare together to solve problems collaboratively. To become a part of our community, simply join our mailing list. You'll receive emails with events and information that help bring together like-minded individuals who share our mission to accelerate innovation in healthcare informatics and technology.

Our Partners

TechSpring works together with Innovation Partners and Strategic Partners who have digital health solutions to pilot and prove in an authentic healthcare environment. Partners typically work through one or more of our programs. Learn how to become a partner.

Authentic Health Environment

TechSpring was created by Baystate Health, an ideal location to develop and prove new digital health solutions. Baystate accurately represents the broader U.S. healthcare market, which includes patient population profile and payer mix. With Massachusetts healthcare reform, Baystate started the journey toward population health in 2006 and today, its integrated delivery network is a model for the rest of the country.

With TechSpring and Baystate Health, you'll have access to:

  • 12,000+ employees that work across a region-wide integrated delivery network
  • Five hospitals and 1000 beds, including a flagship teaching hospital
  • 90+ medical practices, a VNA, and a regional reference lab
  • Next Generation ACO
  • Health insurance company

TechSpring Programs

TechSpring Health offers four programs to help develop, pilot, and prove new digital health solutions:

  • TechSpring Insights: Get valuable feedback on your solution from actual healthcare professionals and patients.
  • TechSpring Projects: Leverage TechSpring's connections for lean start-up-inspired innovation and development.
  • TechSpring Analytics: Test your theories and algorithms with real healthcare data and collaborate with subject matter experts.
  • TechSpring Interfaces: Gain access to integration points for enterprise healthcare apps.

Learn more about our programs.

The TechSpring Platform

When your digital health solution is ready to be proven, you need more than simulations. You need actual patient and healthcare provider feedback, data, and integration. With TechSpring, select Innovation Partners can gain access to a sandbox analytics environment for algorithm or proof-of-concept development. By leveraging the TechSpring Platform as an Innovation or Strategic Partner, you can also help push the development and implementation of standard healthcare interfaces forward.

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