Inventing Healthcare

Let’s Be Real

Healthcare is broken. In the US, we spend more money on healthcare than any other nation and our results are far from stellar. This is not a political stance and it’s not about blaming. It’s about naming reality and, with both passion and intelligence, doing something about it.

Fixing it is going to take all of us. A team effort. We cannot stuff new solutions into existing structures & processes. Real change is only possible if all stakeholders are involved and commit to wholesale change — change in organization, job descriptions, goal definitions, everything. This is invention.

Enter TechSpring.

With our client partners, TechSpring accelerates innovation
in healthcare informatics and technology,
resulting in impactful and positive change for
healthcare systems, providers, and patients.

TechSpring is the only option in the country where...

... healthcare innovators and product developers — ready to pilot their ideas and products — have the potential to access to ALL the assets of Baystate Health, a representative health system. PLUS you also get ... us.

TechSpring has been purpose-built by Baystate Health to get innovation done.

Our day job is not delivering healthcare. Baystate Health has more than 12,000 employees with that focus. At TechSpring, we establish and facilitate the collaboration between healthcare professionals and proven healthcare innovators.

“The triple benefit of working with TechSpring is the advancing of product development priorities, engaging with healthcare professionals that get excited about a solution, and getting to tell the story to the world.

- Sean Kelly, MD
Chief Medical Officer

Our Team

TechSpring was launched in 2014 by Baystate Health, a $2.5B health system with more than 12,000 employees serving about 1M patients in Western Massachusetts. Our basic structure consists of a leadership team and our committed staff. Plus we have immediate access to 12,000+ subject matter experts, each an absolute specialist in their field.

Founders, Leadership & Staff


Joel Vengco

TechSpring Founder
Baystate Health SVP & CIO


Christian Lagier

TechSpring Co-Founder
& Executive Director


Jill McCormick

Director of Design and Innovation


Josh Wherry

Techspring CTO, Baystate Health Director of Analytics & Development


Joe Diver

Director of Digital Transformation


Jessye Chalmers

Innovation Strategist


Madey Dybdahl

Innovation Project Manager


Kristie Kelly

Office Manager


Waylon Harris

Innovation Host


Neil R. Kudler, MD

Senior Innovation Strategist


Howard Goldberg, MD

Chief Medical Information Officer


Crystal Allen

Clinical Informaticist

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