iOS App Developer for video call feature

Description of what it is and how it is used

In addition to our enterprise telehealth platform, we are increasingly using Jitsi Meet for quick video calls, especially with Covid patients admitted to one of our hospitals. It enables us to stay closely connected with them and also saves Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and reduces risk for our care providers. Think of it as a video intercom. For patients that don't have their own smart devices, are not tech savvy, or unable to operate a device, we are looking for a way to enable a doc or nurse to 'pop' up on the screen on a Baystate-owned device on loan to a patient, or at least make the device 'ring' and make it easy for a patient to answer and establish the connection. 

We have looked at Facetime, but reluctant to manage Apple IDs. Also, Facetime'ing would enable somebody to call back or possibly expose the private Apple ID of employees, if they use their own devices. 

We have a mobile dev team, enterprise app store, private cloud, enterprise MDM solution for managing devices remotely incl pushing out internally developed iOS apps, but our I&T resources are working full-out on other critical projects. We are putting this out to see if there is an individual out there that might be able to pinch-hit for us. 

If you have experience with WebRTC, better implementations than Jitsi, insights into security concerns we should consider, we would also appreciate hearing from you. 


Mandatory requirements

Has to be based on open source solution (WebRTC)

Most likely it is a matter of developing a wrapper app around Jitsi open source code (GitHub) that can be enabled for push notification or ring the patient loaner device just like an incoming phone call. 

iOS only focus for now. Most of the devices we have available to lend patients are iPads or iPod Touch.


Optional requirements

Pop-up on screen optional. This would be relevant for patients unable to answer a call. Likely not possible and there are also privacy considerations, so push notification, in a way that's easy to answer, would be ok. 



Timeline is now. We are preparing for surge in patients and we need to get this solution out asap, especially for the benefit of our non-tech savvy patients, those that need help most.


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