Living Lab

2:36 pm: Team of residents discuss a “Passionate Problem”
Baystate Health, Springfield, MA

"TechSpring creates a safe place to pursue bold ideas and learn quickly with real life medicine going on. I can place an innovation at Baystate, see what happens, and with the data that comes out, sell a solution to other customers."

- Perrish Dailey
Director, Global Interoperability & Integration Delivery
NTT Data

The Living Lab is


Our people and relationships, subject matter experts in any imaginable field.


Guiding innovators and healthcare professionals through any stage from product concept to market. Repeatability. Efficiency.


All the assets, facilities, and systems of a major IDN plus “The TechSpring Stack” - a replica of Baystate Health’s core production environment. All at our fingertips, ready to leverage for innovation.

Our Living Lab is the people, process and platform that’s so instrumental to the market success of serious healthcare product developers and innovators.


Our platform include all the assets, facilities and systems of a major health system, perfectly representative of the broader healthcare market. With TechSpring and Baystate Health, you have access to:

  • 12,000+ employees working across a region-wide IDN
  • Five hospitals and 1,000 beds, including a flagship academic medical center hospital
  • 90+ medical practices, a VNA, and a regional reference lab
  • Medical school focused on population health, affiliation with University of Massachusetts
  • A Next Generation ACO and Medicaid ACO
  • Health New England, a Baystate-owned insurance company

Technical infrastructure, data and integration points for enterprise healthcare apps:

  • More than 200 applications
  • 20+ years of electronic medical record data for a stable Western Mass population
  • Industry standard interfaces such as HL7, CCD, and FHIR
  • Cerner and Meditech EMRs
  • Regional HIE and Patient Portal by Intersystems

As well as the ‘TechSpring Stack,' innovation instances of core technology, including resources and support from strategic sponsors:

  • Millenium EMR and FHIR sandbox - Cerner
  • Healthshare HIE, Patient Portal, FHIR sandbox - Intersystems
  • Enterprise Data Warehouse and analytics tools - Premier Data Alliance

Fail early. Fail fast. Learn. Pivot. Iterate. Succeed.


Our process for guiding experienced product developers at any stage (from ideation through solution success) includes everything from governance, project roles, team structure, stage/gate iterative fast/fail process, compliance, information security, contracts (MSA, SOW), and more.
We’re not new to this. We’ve skillfully tuned our process over the last 3 years, putting the parts that can be standardized “on rails” – in place and ready to go. As for the myriad of complexity and variables, we know from experience how to tackle those aspects with the right blend of structure and flexibility.
We guide and coach healthcare professionals and product innovators through all stages:

  • Inquiry, discovery, strategy, and team selection;
  • Iterative testing, learning, pivoting, and refining;
  • Navigating and nailing the 14 layers of compliance instances.
  • Identifying and capturing value.

Baystate Health began its focus on population healthcare with the 2006 Massachusetts healthcare reform. Today, Baystate Health is a perfect sample of the broader U.S. market. In short, if you can prove your product here, you can prove it anywhere in the country.


Drawing from 12,000+ Baystate employees and healthcare professionals, thousands of other experts in the region, and a patient pool of about 1M, we become an extension of your product development team.
All teams include a Project Champion as well as an Executive Sponsor, who brings leadership, influence and clout. Subject matter experts are involved as needed, including nurses, technicians, physicians, developers, finance specialists, supply chain specialists, operations experts … and patients.

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