Mask Re-use Protection

N95 Frame: Mask Re-use Protection


Description of what it is and how it is used

In an effort to curb the waste of N95’s we have been re-sterilizing them in-house per FDA guidance. One of the main challenges is that the masks get squished/deformed during one of the many stages between multiple uses, transport, handling, storage, sterilization etc. ​We imaging that somebody might be able to create a form of frame or mold where the mask can be placed after use and ideally remain throughout sterilization process until return to a new user. This could maybe be 3D printed, or injection molded plastic?


Mandatory requirements

  • Has to be affordable and available in significant quantity


Optional requirements


Estimated quantity needed

  • 20-30,000 if re-usable. More, if single-use.


List of URL links to normally commercially available examples


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