Everyone has a relationship with food. NuPlanit is healing relationships with food.

NuPlanit - Healing Relationships with Food through Real-time Support

After NuPlanit’s CEO, Alaina Adams, PhD suffered from a nutrition-related illness, she recognized the market need for a solution that leverages technology to enable real-time remote nutrition counseling. NuPlanit’s mission is to solve this challenge—we focus on changing nutrition habits to truly heal our relationship with food. Dietitians are critical to an individual’s success, yet dietitians lack tools and technology to support their clients between visits. NuPlanit is mobile-enabled nutrition software that helps dietitians better support their clients, increase their revenue/funding potential and demonstrate outcomes. Unlike today’s nutrition options, NuPlanit is the only solution that targets personalized emotional and nutritional support to individuals and enables a connection to a dietitian, all in real-time.

We‘re about to launch a national remote nutrition counseling clinical study with a prominent Boston research hospital, we've partnered with 20 dietitians and their patients and we are a winner of the Healthy People 2020 Leading Health Indicators App Challenge.

NuPlanit co-founders, Alaina Adams and Robert Jaheris, are seeking dietitians and nutritionists, both in hospitals and private practice settings to be included in focus groups and pilots.

By providing your feedback, insights and expertise to technologists, you can help shape the future!

What's involved?!

  • A brief conversation with entrepreneurs from NuPlanit:  10 minutes of your time would make a big difference!

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