Our Innovation and Transformation Partners

 Here's a few of our recent collaborations and their efforts and successes:


Engagements with TechSpring have led to refined and proven use cases for both Baystate Health and NTT Data, formerly Dell Services.  The project teams continue to imagine, test, and iterate on the design of healthcare delivery in a population health world.

  • Type: Transformation Partner
  • Projects: Collaboration on initiatives that involve: 1) remote patient monitoring, 2) eVisits, 3) predictive analytics, and 4) healthcare kiosks for retail environments
  • Programs: TechSpring Insights, TechSpring Projects, and TechSpring Analytics



Medecision collaborates with TechSpring on an ongoing basis to navigate complex workflows and to assess the innovation value of new solutions. For example, one engagement began with TechSpring Insights to gauge the importance, appeal, and reach of a patient experience concept through focus groups. The solution is now being piloted through TechSpring Projects.

  • Type: Innovation Partner
  • Projects: 1) Focus groups for new solution concepts, 2) customer development and workflow analysis sessions, and 3) patient engagement mobile app pilot(s)
  • Programs: TechSpring Insights and TechSpring Projects



TechSpring and Imprivata have co-developed a program for continuous feedback as an ongoing and integral component of the new solution development process at Imprivata. The ongoing TechSpring Insights program helps inform solution design through observation and stakeholder interviews with Baystate’s IT security administrators, physicians, CMIO, and others. 

  • Type: Innovation Partner
  • Projects: Electronic prescribing of controlled substances, real-time alerting, patient registration, and more.
  • Programs: TechSpring Insights



TechSpring and Intersystems have established a non-production test system for the development of innovations projects. This environment is a replica of the regional Health Information Exchange platform. 

  • Type: Innovation Partner
  • Projects: Care Coordination Insights, HIE Analytics Program, FHIR Optimization, e-Referrals
  • Programs: TechSpring Insights and TechSpring Projects



  • Type: Transformation Partner 
  • Projects: 1) Advanced clinical decision support delivered as an integral part of physician workflow and 2) user interface design validation.
  • Programs: TechSpring Insights and TechSpring Projects



TechSpring and Twine collaborated on a project  focused on the adoption of a patient engagement technology solution in a real healthcare environment. The outcomes from this project are now informing Twine’s go-to-market approach, as well as Baystate Healths’s re-engineering of care delivery in a population health world.

  • Type: Innovation Partner
  • Projects: Customer development interviews, real-life customer pilots, and care team collaboration to deliver improved health outcomes with fewer visits
  • Programs: TechSpring Insights and TechSpring Projects



The work with TechSpring Insights helped shape CarePort’s product, while at the same time deeply engaged Baystate's staff in the development of the platform. Natural extensions of the product continue to be explored.




The Zato and Baystate Health project team is developing the proof points for a new technology aimed at capturing lost billing opportunities with less resources, and improving documentation at the point of care.

  • Type: Innovation Partner
  • Projects: Innovation project to prove the performance and value of an ontology-based natural language processing (NLP) solution
  • Programs: TechSpring Analytics



The Kordova team has developed a web-based application which captures clean, paperless implant usage. This has improved the billing cycle and captures medical device usage in the OR. 

  • Type: Innovation Partner
  • Projects: Innovation project providing cost visibility for surgical implants.
  • Programs: TechSpring Project



Firefly has provides an streamlined, web-based service for surgical case logging with ACGME.

  • Type: Innovation Partner
  • Projects: Innovation project that allows residents to log their cases in a enter their case log in a streamlined manner. Once a case is entered, Firefly presents targeted, relevant educational materials and makes the aggregate data available to surgery administrators.
  • Programs: TechSpring Project


Supporting Partners

The generous support of the following partners and their in-kind contributions help make TechSpring possible.


VertitechIT is one of the nation’s premier healthcare IT consulting and engineering firms. As the architect for TechSpring’s network, the company provides the vital technical linkage between our partners and the TechSpring infrastructure.


J2 Interactive is an award-winning healthcare IT services firm whose deep expertise in application development, interoperability, and analytics drives innovations in health information exchange, master data management, and population health. Founded in 2001, J2 has established a reputation as one of the leading providers of customized technology solutions to hospitals, labs, research centers, and HIEs. J2's approach is rooted in a fundamental belief that systems succeed or fail based on how well they serve the people who depend upon them.


Teknion, Interscape, Bulkley Richardson


Strategic Partners



MeHI, the Massachusetts eHealth Institute at the Massachusetts Technology Collaborative, is the designated state agency for promoting Health IT innovation, technology and competitiveness to improve the safety, quality and efficiency of health care. Our mission is to engage the healthcare community and catalyze the development, adoption and effective use of Health IT. 



PULSE @ MassChallenge is designed to bring digital health innovators and the clinical community together to drive better and faster innovation. Programming at the hub includes a competitive startup program, mentoring, networking events, panel discussions, pitch contests, and co-working opportunities. PULSE @ MassChallenge benefits from experiences and insights from both MassChallenge and TechSpring.