TechSpring Programs

Top technology companies come to TechSpring Health for our ground-breaking programs. These programs were designed to develop, pilot, and prove new digital health solutions:

To get involved with any of our programs, we encourage you to first connect with us by reading our newsletter and meeting us at an event. If you're not local, contact us. Once you have a sense that TechSpring might be a good fit for your digital health solution, tell us about your compelling solution. 

For every project, a TechSpring Innovation Manager serves as a guide through the innovation process, and Baystate Health provides an executive sponsor in each relevant domain (clinical, IT, finance, facilities, etc.) to remove barriers, allocate resources, and mitigate risk.


TechSpring Insights

Get valuable feedback on your solution from healthcare professionals and patients.

What do you want to learn? What do you need to prove? TechSpring is in a unique and powerful position to bring real-life patient and healthcare provider feedback to our partners' digital health solutions. This is critical to all projects, and generally the entry point for any collaboration with TechSpring or Baystate Health.

We help you to determine who you need to connect with, such as specialty physicians, care managers, nurses, supply chain, IT, decision-makers, or patients. We organize, deliver, and lead the engagement from beginning to end and use the following methods:

  • Focus groups
  • Brainstorm sessions
  • Customer development sessions
  • One-on-one meetings
  • Open office hours

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TechSpring Projects

Leverage TechSpring's connections for lean start-up-inspired innovation and development.

For Techspring's Innovation Partners, TechSpring Projects provides a proven pathway and process for technology companies to validate their health solutions in an real-life healthcare context.

Here's what you can expect:

  • A 6-month process to confirm or disprove key assumptions.
  • Access an authentic healthcare environment and/or data, including engagement with Baystate Health leadership, subject matter experts, facilities, IT resources, and sometimes, patients.
  • Development of the proof points you need to propel your solution toward broader implementation and market success.

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TechSpring Analytics

Test your theories and algorithms with real healthcare data and collaborate with subject matter experts.

TechSpring Analytics works in two different ways:

1) Bring your own data and rent access to an enterprise-grade healthcare analytics environment or
2) Propose an innovation project and execute it inside the Baystate Health analytics environment in collaboration with Baystate's subject matter experts using Baystate data.

Baystate is a leader in population health and actively engages, through TechSpring, with informatics and analytics experts to build and prove the insights that drive improvements in care delivery and value.

Our innovation platform includes resources and support from these strategic sponsors:

  • Premier Data Alliance: Cloud-based Enterprise Data Warehouse and Analytics Tools
  • IBM: 22 node Hadoop cluster (320 cores, 214 TB storage), Pureflex compute and storage, Cognos, SPSS, InfoSphere, DataClick

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TechSpring Interfaces

Gain access to integration points for enterprise healthcare apps.

The single biggest obstacle to healthcare innovation today is interoperability, lack of standards, and APIs. For years to come, there will still be many things that we can’t do, but at TechSpring we focus on what we can do, today.

Baystate’s enterprise IT infrastructure includes more than 200 applications. We are building TechSpring Interfaces with the goal of read/write interoperability using APIs, as available, and industry standard interfaces such as HL7, CCD, and FHIR. TechSpring Interfaces is a collaboration with Cerner (Baystate EMR), Intersystems (regional HIE), and Dell (systems integration).

We are in the early days of this service line. Engage with us and help influence our direction.

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