PAPR hoods and blowers


Description of what it is and how it is used

Powered air-purifying respirator - A powered, air-purifying respirator is a type of personal protective equipment used to safeguard workers against contaminated air. PAPRs consist of a respirator in the form of a hood, or full-face mask, which takes ambient air that is contaminated with one or more type of pollutant or pathogen, actively removes a sufficient proportion of these hazards, and then delivers the clean air to the user's face and/or mouth. PAPRs are sometimes called positive-pressure masks, blower units, or just blowers.




Mandatory requirements

  • A PAPR needs to supply 6+CFM of filtered air, air exits around shoulder area
  • A battery life of >8 hours is ideal.
  • The hood must be loose fitting otherwise fit testing is required and that’s what we’re trying to avoid
  • Hood must be easily cleanable and stand up to a EPA registered disinfectant like the Super Sani-Cloth. The hood must be cleanable so it can be used person to person, or lower cost disposable hood. 
  • Propriety filters are not desirable if at all possible. A canister style with a 47mm NATO thread would be ideal.
  • Connection coming out of hood: 22mm round fitting, ideally slightly tapered. We would likely use ventilator tubing (vent circuit tubing) to connect to a blower. We have a few spare blowers.


Optional requirements

  • We will take hoods or blowers separately, if available


Desired quantity

  • 100 reusable or more if disposable


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