Praxify is a clinical mobile app (iOS) available in the Baystate Health mobile Appstore for anyone with a CIS login. The app is intended for MDs or APs, and is most useful when rounding, when on call, or otherwise needing quick and easy access to CIS data.  

  • Main features:
    • Fast and easy access (Face/Touch ID) to vitals, results, notes, including trend lines, fishbone lab results, MAR records in summary, fluid intake/output
    • Image viewer to see radiology and cardiology images
    • Inpatient Ordering: Add Lab, Imaging, Simple Medication (power plans coming later), Admit, Diet/Nutrition, Consult & Condition, Cardio-pulmonary, and Neuro-diagnostic orders
    • Extensive settings and filters allowing you to customize what you see
    • Keep up with Clinical inbox and ambulatory schedule - view and act on priority items, pool messages, sign documents, etc.
    • Show trend lines, lab and imaging results to patients to engage them in their care, incl view of X-rays, CT scans & MRI
    • Use Dragon dictation (including CIS AutoText) to sign notes, add addendums, or easily send messages to patients that they receive through Patient Portal
    • TechSpring ‘user driven innovation’, i.e. opportunity to give feedback and request new features
    • Intuitive user-interface and in-app support; no training needed. Install the app and go!

Under TechSpring's leadership, this project also represents innovation in how we select, deploy and adopt technology at Baystate inspired by our “Learning Health System” ambitions. After identifying provider burnout as a “Passionate Problem”, TechSpring was able to establish a development collaboration with athenahealth to bring a new type of mobile solution to EMR users broadly. From day one, the voice of Baystate physicians have been instrumental in shaping Praxify. Thank you to all the many individuals across clinical teams and I&T who have given feedback and help to the development and implementation of Praxify.


Here's a Praxify demo by Dr. Katie Barker, Baystate OBGYN - Praxify continues to be improved. This version is from April 2019.

Getting started with praxify CLICK HERE

Tagging lab results CLICK HERE

Inpatient medication ordering CLICK HERE

Quick video tutorials to help with Documentation workflow:

  1. Narrating into HPI, ROS & PE sections -
  2. Include reports workflow -
  3. Adding Assessment & Plan –
  4. Dynamic Documentation - Click Here


Click here to download Praxify at

Follow this two-step process. First download app and then go back to Baystate Appstore and activate the app:

Background on Praxify roll-out at Baystate Health

  • This project is focused on the significant problem of EMR fatigue and physician burn-out. As such, it is one of many sub-projects to the larger EHRo (EHR optimization) initiative and Ambulatory IT Optimization.
  • Praxify is an iOS (Apple) mobile app. It provides a better, faster user interface to consume data out of CIS, or take certain actions (notes, some orders, etc). It’s a ‘skin’ on CIS; CIS remains single-source-of-truth.
  • Praxify has been rolled out as an optional tool available to those who find it useful. It is intuitive and training generally not needed, but we will offer help to learn key tricks you can do in the app.
  • TechSpring Discovery project in 2016 created solid engagement with a broad group of physicians who gave feedback on the solution, and a technical proof of concept followed by a production pilot among 80 physicians in 2017 further proved the physician success. Praxify @ Baystate Health is a great example of end-user empowerment and 'user driven innovation'!
  • Users may encounter wifi problems around Baystate locations. Chronic, significant problem-locations can be reported here. We are in the first year of a 3-year plan to make network upgrades which gradually should improve conditions.


Q: Why are we not using Cerner’s mobile apps?

A: We are always looking for the best tools for our users. We have 50+ users of Cerner’s FetaLink mobile app. We continue to consider features & costs of Cerner’s PowerChart Touch mobile app


Q: Is Praxify available for other devices than Apple iOS (iPhone or iPad)? 

A: No. This may come in the future, but no plans have been announced


Q: Can I use Praxify on my Apple Laptop?

A: Currently, No. Praxify is only available for Apple iOS devices (iPhone or iPad)


Q: Praxify is running slow, is there a way to improve speed?

A: To improve performance we recommend making filter changes to the summary screen.

Within Praxify go to the Settings Icon (bottom of screen) --> “Summary Screen” --> “Inpatient” --> Toggle off categories that you don’t need routinely --> Select Save in the top right corner. 

Each category makes a separate call into the CIS database, so limiting the number of calls should help.