What is the safety and security policy?


Dial 911 in emergency and/or call the security desk in our lobby at 413-733-8782.

There is a First Aid Kit and an AED Defibrillator in our mailroom.  The Defib is super easy to use - just open it up and it will verbally instruct you how to use, step-by-step. 

TechSpring uses video camera monitoring to secure our office space.

For members who would like to store their belongings in our offices overnight, we offer personal lockers for things like laptop stands, keyboards, etc. 

Although we are constantly working to maintain a safe and comfortable work environment, Baystate cannot be held responsible if the belongings of members or guests go missing. Please do not leave your items unattended, lock the doors to your office space when you leave, and do not bring anyone who is not a member into our offices after our official hours of operation unless it is for an official event.

 Please do not compromise the privacy and personal information of the TechSpring organization and its members. Any attempt to gain unauthorized access to TechSpring services, accounts or computer systems, along with those of its members, will lead to immediate dismissal.

As a member of TechSpring, you are also responsible for the security of your own data and devices; please ensure that you take the necessary precautions to secure any information that you wish to remain private and confidential.

We ask that all members use our workspace and facilities in a reasonable and respectful manner. Any actions that will damage or impair the use of these resources, endanger yourself and others, or violate any code of conduct in our guidelines will not be condoned and may result in the termination of an individual’s membership.