Syringe adapter for COVID-19 Drug Delivery


If you have a lead for supply of Aerogen syringes, please contact [email protected]

We are also looking for workarounds, please reach out if you have a workaround. 

We have a design, and are looking for a shop that can tooling and mold shop that can get us our first runs ASAP.

Other health systems have reached out and are also experiencing this shortage, there could be larger opportunity than the volumes we need.

Description of what it is and how it is used

We have run into a critical shortage of the syringes that we use to deliver continuous inhaled Flolan. The Flolan infuses from the syringe into the clean Aerogen tubing. The drug will drip out of the tubing into the nebulizer. The nebulizer is placed in-line on the ventilator, and is re-used, for the one patient. The Aerogen tubing connects to the syringe using proprietary connection. We have reversed engineered the connection point and created a specification an adapter so that we can use standard BD luer lock syringes. 




Mandatory requirements

Please contact [email protected] for the latest CAD and STL files

Material: polypropylene (does not contain polyethylene terephthalate (PET) or polyethylene terephthalate glycol (PETG). Or other plastic/resin that is known to be compatible with medication delivery

Provided from a "clean" environment or sterilizable

Optional requirements

Disposable options are being considered at this time

Desired quantity

At Baystate we are looking at ~6000/year

Another health system has as demand of ~2400/year


List of SKUs to the commercial product/reference materials

This link connects to a presentation that gives an overview of the whole process.

This is the micro-disc nebulizer from Aerogen that is used to aerosolize Flolan.  The cap portion when loosened reveals an opening with which the tubing is screwed to the nebulizer.  There is an electronic controller that connects with a cable to the square opening on the right which powers the micro disc so it spins.  Air from the vent supplies the push of the aerosol.

SKU 06-AG-AS3200


Below is the Aerogen tubing.  The end to the left inserts into the nebulizer.  The end on the right connects to the syringe.  Aerogen tubing is a different diameter from regular IV tubing and prevents someone from removing the tubing from a nebulizer and being able to connect to an IV site.

Manufacturer Part # 06-AG-AS3075


The syringe below is the Aerogen syringe.  You can see the off-central, end.  It is a particular end, not a traditional luer lock and is a different diameter than any other syringe we have found.

SKU: 06-AG-AS3085

Below is a variety of Becton Dickinson syringes.  We would need the large, 50 cc plastic syringe to use. The Luer-lok tip is the first on the left.  This is the variety we need to use for medication administration. It’s reference order number is 309653.






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