Tapping into TechSpring

Since 2014, we’ve held over 55 Tap Into TechSpring open house networking events. That’s more than 50 plus guest speakers, 150 plus hours of conversation, and who knows how many complimentary bottles of wine and kegs of beer.

The audience is always full of familiar faces — or as one attendee described himself, a “Tap Into TechSpring super-fan.” So what keeps these folks coming back the second Thursday of every month? We asked.

On the frontlines of medical technology

“I learn something new every time,” says Michael Yunes, MD, Chief of Radiology at Baystate Health, who says he’s attended almost every session. He’s been impressed by the caliber of the speakers, which have included CEOs of international technology firms, leadership and frontline healthcare staff, and local leaders in our community.

“It’s a great networking event, and you chitchat over drinks with real innovators, the people who are on the frontlines of medical technology,” he says. “People using new tech, or implementing old technologies in ways you didn’t know about.”


It’s not just for techies

“The typical tech meetup can be a little alienating for people who aren’t savvy,” says Laurance Stuntz, director of the Massachusetts eHealth Institute (MeHI). “But Tap Into TechSpring isn’t like that.”

What’s different? Stuntz says Tap Into TechSpring draws folks from diverse fields — health care providers, administrators, developers, entrepreneurs, investors, and more — that it changes the feel.

And conversations stay grounded without descending into tech fetishism. “The patient has a seat at the table in these conversations, so to speak,” he says. “That’s important.”


Practical applications for right now

Some Tap Into TechSpring meetups have focused on bleeding edge technology that’s years away from market. But Yunes says many talks have had an immediate, tangible impact on how he does his job.

“3D printing and Cortex software — I first heard about them at Tap Into Techspring,” he says. “I use both in my work now.” And he says he relies on connections he’s made at TechSpring to talk through technological problems.

Bill Cole agrees. He’s an entrepreneur, developer, and the previously-mentioned super-fan. He remembers attending a Tap Into TechSpring when he was working as a developer on a new electronic health records (EHR) system. It had a profound impact.

“What I learned in that talk about the EHR market helped me steer the whole company in a new direction,” he says. He’s been a devotee of Tap Into TechSpring ever since.


Join the conversation
These meetups are free and open to anyone interested in discussing the technological hurdles facing health care. Whoever you are, whatever you do, you’re welcome.

“Tap Into TechSpring is hugely beneficial not just to Baystate, but to the community,” says Yunes. “You don’t have to go to Boston or New York to learn about this stuff. It’s right here in Springfield.

“And the free food and beer — don’t forget to mention that,” he adds.

Come find out what’s on Tap. Open minds. Open possibilities. Open bar. Second Thursday of every month, 5 to 8pm. 1350 Main Street, 5th floor, Springfield.


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