Tap into TechSpring Recap

Thank you to our panelists for offering an inside healthcare perspective on leading the charge towards Population Health as one of the select few Next Gen ACOs.  

  • Robin Jensen: Director of Strategic Projects at Baycare Partners
  • Jean Ahn: Vice President of Strategic Planning and Business Development at Baystate
  • Ken Riley: Director of Patient Technologies at Baystate 

Congrats Ken Riley, for "TechSpring's Got Something Done Award".  At Techspring we celebrate getting things done, through the 'EyeDog Patient Way Finding Innovation Project' you were able to reduce the risk and technical difficulty to deliver this technology to patients quickly and cost effectively. 

Next month we will discuss Next Gen ACO development from an “outside-in” perspective with presentation from leading technology innovators.  What business opportunities are gaining momentum? How do you align your solution and go-to-market strategy with new developments?  Don't miss out, RSVP here.

Below is a list of names and faces you met last night.  Please click on yourself and update your profile with bio information.  Click on Bill Cole or Jill McCormick for inspiration!  This will help connect our community and is a great first step to start to align interests, skills and needs. Email your photo to [email protected] and we'll happily update your picture. 

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