Virtual Reality @ Baystate Health

The time for VR is now. TechSpring is Baystate's digital technology innovation team. Baystate is leading healthcare into the next generation of digital medicine. Virtual Reality is the next step in the future of healthcare.

At Baystate, we are dedicated to our patient's well-being. To show our commitment we are giving a free Cardboard VR to anyone who takes part in our VR program.

Cardboard VR

Simple, Free, Fun. The Cardboard VR can turn your smartphone into a virtual reality experience in 5 minutes. Build it yourself in 3 easy steps, download the apps you want and slip your smartphone into the cardboard to begin your journey.

On your mobile device? Experience VR now.

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The Power of Distraction Therapy

Through distraction therapy, we are utilizing virtual reality’s immersive technology to positively impact patients mental and physical health.

Studies have shown that VR is the most effective way to lower a patient’s feelings of pain and anxiety. In some cases, use of VR has allowed patients to forget about their symptoms completely.

This can result in a reduction in patient medication.

"We had a young, terminal patient who always wanted to ride a rollercoaster but never could. It was quite a sight to see her experience it with VR before she passed."

Jessica Hagerman

Manager of Child Life & Healing Arts

Baystate Children’s Hospital

What Patients Are Saying...

“As the VR usage went up, the pain medication went down…I’ve been completely off opioids for the past seven months”

“When I put on the headset I forget everything I was worrying about.”

“With this kind of immersive experience, you can really transport yourself to another world”

How Baystate Does VR

Experience VR while you wait

During wait times, we can give any patient the chance to sightsee, swim or relax on a beach. This is all offered as a completely voluntary virtual reality experience. Patients can choose from a number of relaxing scenarios to enjoy through the VR headset. A technician will be on hand to provide instructions and guide the patient through the use of the headset. VR is primarily used to minimize stress and anxiety but can also be a memorable experience.

Why VR

We have integrated VR into our distraction therapy. This therapy helps our patients through painful or difficult procedures by diverting their concentration somewhere else. TV, puzzles and video games after often used in distraction therapy but VR has proved to be a far more successful tool with a greater mental impact. At Baystate, our virtual reality program will allow patients to sit back and interact with the total immersion of VR.

Interested in starting your own VR program? Follow our roadmap

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