Baystate Health's VR Roadmap

The time for VR is now. TechSpring is Baystate's digital technology innovation team. Baystate is leading healthcare into the next generation of digital medicine. Virtual Reality is the next step in the future of healthcare.

VR is possible

Baystate has a commitment to delivering high-quality health care. That commitment compels us to push forward with technology that can benefit healthcare today. Virtual Reality has been accessible for a number of years. The time to implement it is now.

Through utilizing the benefits of a totally immersive world, we can decrease anxiety and optimize comfort in pre-operative patients who are waiting for invasive procedures.

Our Goal

We believe Virtual Reality should be available to any patient who walks through our doors. The technology is simple and portable. The number of patients we can reach with VR is limitless.

What Patients Are Saying...

“As the VR usage went up, the pain medication went down…I’ve been completely off opioids for the past seven months”

“When I put on the headset I forget everything I was worrying about.”

“With this kind of immersive experience, you can really transport yourself to another world”

The 2 VR Kits available are...

The Baystate Cardboard VR Kit - Buy Here

The Cardboard VR can turn a smartphone into a virtual reality experience in 5 minutes. Due to its low cost it can be given free to the patients to take home.

We love the Cardboard VR because it is small and doesn't need to be charged or taken care of. It is as simple as explaining it to your patient and empowering them to use it. This simplicity allows us to bring the cardboard to patients anywhere, as long as they have a smart phone they can use it.

The Cardboard VR has an endless amount of content. Through applications on the app store and on YouTube. It is compatible with YouTube, which allows you to watch videos in 360°. New VR videos are made for YouTube every day, and they can provide relaxing and fun experiences.

If you're interested in using Cardboard VR with patients checkout

Have a look at some Cardboard VR experiences here.

The Baystate Oculus Go VR Kit.

The Oculus Go


The Oculus Go is a wireless VR headset with a single remote. This is the best option for patient use.

Get your Oculus Go here.

Silicone VR Cover


A Silicone Cover can fit around the foam face rest. This provides a washable layer that allows us to prevent cross contamination.

Get your Silicone Cover from Amazon here.



The tourniquet can be used as the head strap by tying it to the headset. The benefit is it's disposable after every use.

Who can use VR?

Anywhere a patient is waiting for treatment is an opportunity to use VR. For our initial VR project, we have focused on seed implant patients. This is because they have a long wait prior to their procedures in the OR. We will ideally have the VR experience with patients in the pre-administration evaluation.

Patient criteria

There are requirements patients need to meet to be considered a candidate for VR use. You’ll have to develop your own criteria with your medical staff for your organization. Example criteria may include:

Take your patients to the Forest of Serenity

This is one of our favorites for the Oculus Go. Forest of Serenity takes you to a beautiful place where you can leave your pain and troubles behind. Listen to the soothing tones of Sir David Attenborough as he guides you through a forest populated by birds of paradise and exotic flora. The app was developed as a part of a pain management program which strived to help those suffering pain to reduce their reliance on drugs.

Check out it here

Click and drag the video to see the full 360° view!

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