What if I need 24/7 access?


All TechSpring resident members have 24/7 privileges, here are a few things you should know:

Your Comfort: Office temperature is maintained by the building and is held between 67-74 degrees during business hours, but after hours can get chilly in the winter and hot ‘n stuffy in the summer. If you anticipate using the space after hours, send an email to TechSpring staff 48 hours prior. They can request HVAC service during the specified hours, but please know that increased demand for after hour HVAC services may result in additional fees.

Your Safety: Everyone, including tenants, entering the building outside of business hours is required to sign in at the lobby security desk; provide a photo ID; and be listed on our “24/7 List” kept at the security desk. If you expect visitors outside of business hours, provide their name and estimated time of arrival to the security desk in person or by calling 413-733-8782.

Please remember to sign out -- and remind your guests to sign out -- so security knows who is in the building.

Last one out:

If you’re the last one out, you’re probably working too hard. But since you’re here, please:

  • Check terraces for loose items & lock the terrace doors (or wind & rain will come in)

  • Close the interior glass door at reception area

  • Ensure front doors are locked as you leave