What are the house rules and code of conduct?


All TechSpring member residents and visitors are subject to the TechSpring House Rules as documented here and updated periodically. Baystate Health employees are subject to Baystate Health policies first and TechSpring House Rules second (i.e., if there is a conflict, Baystate Health policies prevail).

This is not a library: Let's communicate, chat, make calls etc.

This is not a railway station: Let's respect everyone else's concentration. Use headphones or phone booths for more "intensive" calls; greet your guests in the lobby so they don’t have to navigate themselves or interrupt others for directions; use your inside voice; collaborate and innovate, but be respectful.

Speaking of respect: Bullying or harassment of any member of the TechSpring community or their guests will not be tolerated. 

Keep it private: Let's respect everyone else's privacy. Hand in documents or printouts that seem to have been forgotten on desks, the printer or in a conference room. 

Keep it clean: Leave it as you found it. Handle everything (from furniture to dishes to human beings) with care. Leave your work area, kitchen and conference rooms as you found it - or preferably better!

Keep it trustful: Let's respect each other and our belongings. Always ask someone before moving their stuff, etc. Unoccupied things should stay safe until they are claimed by the owner.

Speaking of safety: Your access badge is personal. Never share or loan your card to others. Notify TechSpring staff immediately if your card is misplaced.  

Our casa es su casa: Your business colleagues are welcome here. Just make sure they sign in at the reception desk when they visit.