Together, we can solve the very real challenges of healthcare!

It is the mission of TechSpring to accelerate innovation in healthcare informatics and technology, and build a vibrant innovation community of technologists and healthcare professionals in Springfield working together to solve the very real challenges of healthcare today. We just need you!


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We know you are eager to connect with other inspiring professionals that are working to make positive change in healthcare. 

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Lend us your expertise : Attend a FutureView session

Technology companies are working on the future of medicine, today!  By providing your feedback, insights and expertise to technologists, you can help shape the projects now for the future. 

  • Participate in an informal feedback meeting with a small group of peers
  • You will be presented with ideas, features, and designs and asked to give your opinion
  • No preparation needed or homework given

Want to know more? Contact Jill at [email protected] or fill out this short survey to get started!

Celebrate Innovation!

Help us celebrate “Innovation Heroes”: Nominate engineers or healthcare professionals who demonstrate brilliant insight, creativity, collaboration by improving some big or small detail in healthcare.