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Use CaseShare to document factors that are impacting your medical decision making. 

Find out more about CaseShare here!

Cardboard VR

Get the VR playbook to utilize the simplicity and fun of the Cardboard VR for your patients.

Find out more about VR here!


WorkWell makes it easy for employees to do a daily COVID- 19 screening check before reporting to work.

Find out more about WorkWell here!


The only app approved and HIPAA-verified that allows you to upload patient photos to CIS.

Find out more about CIS here!


WorkTips gives you Baystate Health-approved training documents and videos to help you do your job.

Find out more about WorkTips here!

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Baystate Health App Store

A shortcut to the Baystate Health App Store. Provides notifications for new features, apps and updates.

Find out more about the Baystate App Store here!

Flu Shot

Flu Shot can track when Flu vaccinations are given to employees. It sends an email notification to both the employee and the manager.  

Find out more about Flu Shot here!

Employee Directory

The Employee Directory mobile application is the fastest way to connect to your employees from your phone or tablet.

Find out more about Employee Directory here!



Allow your new hires to get ahead with this new on-boarding app for Health System employees.

Find out more about Jumpstart here!


Careport Network

CarePort Health is a care coordination network. The end-to-end platform bridges acute and post-acute EHRs, providing visibility for providers, physicians, payers and ACOs into the care that patients receive.


A clinical mobile app that provides quick and easy access to patient data, for MDs and APs. 

Find out more about Praxify here!

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