Our Model

7:14 am:"Collaboration Corridor"
TechSpring Headquarters, Springfield, MA

"Imprivata has a long history of bringing game-changing innovations to market and has learned there are many points of potential failure. The key challenge is the last mile: the change management and user adoption. This is where our TechSpring relationship makes a difference for Imprivata."

- Gus Malezis
CEO, Imprivata
TechSpring Innovation Client

Real Commitment. Real Results.

TechSpring helps proven companies prepare for and tackle the last mile, delivering success and value for end users. We can come in at any stage - ideation, design, validation, pilot, or value assessment.

We have a team dedicated to product development. TechSpring is the only customer environment with a team of seasoned experts whose core job function is to make sure your product development initiatives go well. We guide collaboration between healthcare professionals and product innovators through all stages:

  • Inquiry, discovery, strategy, and team selection;
  • Iterative testing, learning, pivoting, and refining;
  • Navigating and nailing the 14 layers of compliance instances.
  • Identifying and capturing value.

You are the customer. ‘You get what you pay for’ is still true. When your access to a health system depends on favors and personal networking, it’s hard to get deep and consistent engagement. When you fund a Baystate collaboration through TechSpring, you can expect accountability and efficiency in return. This translates into a much greater chance of success.

We only work on passionate problems. Every project has an Executive Sponsor and a Champion who’s 100% committed to a “Passionate Problem” that your product helps solve. If we can’t match your project with that level of engagement, we don’t take it on. Real commitment. Real results.

Our Living Lab (people, process, platform) gives you access to the best, most representative, healthcare innovation ecosystem in the country, PLUS the people and the process to use it wisely.

Some of it looks easy – because we’ve worked relentlessly to make it that way.

There's Nobody Like Us

There’s roughly 4,600 health systems in the US. When it comes to innovation and new solutions, frankly, a few dozen prestigious and large institutions get all the attention. But they are not representative of the broader healthcare market. We are.

Baystate + TechSpring is different.

Different, good.

  • We are your access point to a unique healthcare ecosystem, including all the assets of Baystate Health, in Western Massachusetts.
  • We have a specialist team dedicated to your project success.
  • We have standardized projects and processes.
  • We’re 100% project funded. The financial commitment of our innovation clients means accountability, top talent, momentum, and results.

Basically, if you can prove your product here, you’ve effectively proven it everywhere.

With the Other 4,600

You have initial excitement and charged-up connection with a senior hospital executive who loves your project. Maybe you succeed in selling v1.0, but will your customer be happy? Will you get the support to succeed?

Every step of the way is hard. You are never a priority. Things get in the way. It’s an uphill battle.

More time means more cost. No added value. You risk missing the market window.

Prognosis? Not good.

Partnering with Us

When healthcare innovators are ready to take their product pilots seriously, they come to TechSpring. We engage with our Client Partners at three levels:

Exploration Partners - For those exploring needs and potential solutions, this entry level engagement is geared towards gaining insights from deep dives, live observations, focus groups, one-on-one meetings with key experts, and strategic brainstorming.

Innovation Partners - The logical next step. For those with more specifically targeted solutions, this 1-year commitment involves a comprehensive process including discovery, strategy, team selection, iterative testing, collaboration across silos, and full access to our Living Lab.

Transformation Partners - For those committed and engaged in complex and far-reaching solutions, this is a 3-year commitment. We start with vision alignment with the Baystate executive team and then drive a shared innovation roadmap with goals, metrics, and quarterly accountabilit.

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