• Model patient behavior to gain insight on patterns and efficiencies
  • Render the behavior to visualize insight
  • Predict activity


  • Produce a model and visual display:
    • Arrival and departure events and rates
    • Length of stay and re-visitation rates
    • Group segmentation including age, gender and diagnosis
    • Statistical and predictive analysis
    • Stretch goal for scientific basis for environmental factors such as weather, holidays, time of day, lunar cycle, political events, etc.
  • Animate the behavior including:
    • 2 dimension (flat) and 3 dimension (volume) plus the time dimension
    • Variable playback speed and freeze frame
    • Multiple creative visual effects and animation styles
  • Support rendering in:
    • Chrome browser, Android, Apple IOS
  • Use any technology of your choosing

Data Source

  • Source file
    • You are instructed that the file is private and cannot be shared beyond the group and must be deleted at the end of the project.
  • Data file description:
    • 47,000 rows with DRG code (diagnosis related group) indicating why patients were admitted for inpatient care somewhere in the Baystate system
    • 16 month period starting Jan 1 2013
    • Patients are identified by age, gender and scrambled unique ID
    • File indicates admit and discharge timestamp and calculated length of stay
  • Data file column headings:
    • Scrambled PatientID
    • Age
    • Gender
    • AdmitDateTime
    • DischargeDateTime
    • CalcLengthOfStay
    • DiagnosisGroup
    • DiagnosisGroupDescription

Prize!  The most compelling analysis of patient behavior

We will be looking for the team who produces the following from the data set provided 
  • Most creative use of the data
  • Most informative insight from the data
  • Most artistic rendering of the data
  • Most advanced and efficient use of the technology implementation
The Winning Team will be awarded
  • A three month resident membership and workspace at TechSpring's world-class facilities in Springfield, MA to all members of the winning team (we have an espresso maker and vitamix, you pick the dates!)
  • Opportunity to present solution at Tap into TechSpring monthly meeting that includes healthcare professionals and technology innovators
  • Opportunity to present solution to representative of Baystate Health Leadership Team
  • Team and solution featured in professional video
  • Certificate of Acknowledgement