What are the rules for kitchen use and general tidiness?


Ah, The Kitchen: Where everybody gathers in a home, and we’re no different.  And just like at home, everyone needs to clean up after themselves.       

Keywords:   Self-Service Kitchen!  

We do not have staff dedicated to kitchen duty, so please rinse your (and your guests’)  glassware/dishes and load ‘em into the dishwasher unless the sign indicates that the machine is running.  

There are glass markers in the tea/coffee tray area - write your name on your cup/glass so you can use the same cup throughout the day.   Please support our environmental efforts and avoid using paper plates, Styrofoam cups, etc. whenever possible.   

“Free the Fridge on Fridays” If you bring your own food, please label it with your name and date. Perishable food will be thrown away each Friday.

Coffee! Coffee! We love it. We need it. We hate it when the thermos is empty. If you take the last cup, please make another pot so the next caffeine seeker can get their fix, too.    Our machine is a bit tricky but our Innovation Host will be happy to show you how to be self-sufficient.  

The cappuccino machine:  high-test caffeine drinks at their best!   There are a self-service instructions located on the glass above her - this will help you become a barista!   The notes show you how to make cappuccino, lattes, espresso, warm milk, coffee americano.   Other than those buttons, please leave the other buttons, dials and knobs alone.   If there are any messages or error warnings, please bring this to the attention of our Innovation Host.      

Feel free to use the catering equipment (pitchers for water, coffee, trays, etc.) for self-service in the conference rooms but please make sure all items are returned to their homes at the end of the day.

If desired, the TechSpring staff can plan and set up your meeting beverage and coffee services; send email to [email protected] for more information and a quote for set-up/clean-up.    (See above:  Events!)