TechSpring works with healthcare technology leaders to overcome the innovation and adoption barriers to new solutions in healthcare. We bring technology companies and healthcare professionals together in the context of an integrated delivery network to prove new solutions so they can be brought to market more quickly.

TechSpring does not provide services or support for free, against equity, or for IP rights. Instead, we have a simple, sponsorship-based direct cost membership model for businesses working in healthcare and technology.

Innovation Sponsors

TechSpring Innovation Sponsors are companies who have one or more projects in our Adoption Accelerator or TechSpring Insights program. The goal is to identify and overcome adoption barriers and prove the value of the solution.

What do you need to learn? What do you need to prove? We can help you ask the right questions and design a project that answers them.

Strategic Sponsors 

Strategic Sponsors help shape our strategic direction as advisory committee members and help transform the industry through the acceleration of adoption of technology in healthcare.

TechSpring Resident Members

TechSpring invites you to share office space with us. If you are working at the intersection of healthcare and technology, we encourage you to become a resident member and contribute to the ecosystem of learning and innovation at TechSpring.