This page is for new team members that are getting access to TechSpring and Baystate technical resources. As a starting point, you will receive an email from a TechSpring colleague with your Employee Number (EN) or Contractor Number (CN) + one-time password. You can check and update this at any time at the bottom of the Baystate web site (click on Secure Access Login).

Your email will also include a list of resources you have been granted access to and any specialized instructions not included on this page.

Non-technical onboarding info, incl e.g. space use, can be found here [add link(s)]

Baystate email

[add link to instructions for setting up clients, mobile, IMAP]


TechSpring WiFi

SSID: TechSpring

Password: baystate


[add link to TechSpring House Rules and space help info]