TT6 wrap

TT6’s a wrap!

A huge thank you to Dell who flew out to sponsor yesterday’s Telemedicine Healthcare Fair. Healthspot, a walk-in, clinic booth made it all the way to the fifth floor of TechSpring, and fit through the doors! Attendees had the chance to step into the future of healthcare and their options for ‘visiting’ their doctor’s office is changing.

Healthnet Connect, is a mobile patient monitoring unit that was also demonstrated yesterday. Healthcare professionals can monitor if you have been taking your prescribed medications because they can check in to view what’s in your pill storage box remotely!

Praxify won the prize for traveling the longest distance to “Tap into TechSpring”, Ram Sahasranam, CEO, flew in from India and blew us all away with their take on “eVisits”. He pointed out that in India, “You cannot give everyone a doctor, but you can give everyone an iPhone”.  Doctors have the ability to connect with other specialists to provide immediate care to the patient and the patient can bring in any family member to the call to enhance the healthcare experience.

Dan Wittner, Managing Director, Dell Services, gave an overview of how Dell became involved in healthcare technologies, as well as his own personal experiences for the need of better the technologies to exist.

Pardeep Athwal, CEO of Orujne, shared his journey of how he is bringing on-demand health, “the Uber of healthcare", to Chicago.  

A special thank you to Steve Longpre, a TechSpring member, for sharing his groundbreaking 3D printed Rib model, which was used this week to prep for a real Baystate surgery.  Also, congrats to Dr. Luis Munoz on his recent graduation and prize award as a healthcare company in the first VVM accelerator cohort.

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